"ESTEEM DREAMS™ is like emotional vitamins for children."

– L.T. Woodburn, Ph.D, President of California Consulting Group

"This beautiful spoken and musical piece for preschool and primary grade children will help them feel worthwhile and loved. ESTEEM DREAMS™ addresses common anxieties while helping a child fall asleep."

– Bryan E. Bruns MD, Child Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst

"What a tremendous advantage for a child to start school with a solid background of positive self esteem."

– Kathleen McDonald, Teacher, Sioux City, IA

"I am loved just the way I am."

– Enrique (age 5), Tucson, AZ

"It was amazing! With my three grandchildren in the back seat of my car listening to ESTEEM DREAMS™ each took what they needed. The three year old, whose parents are getting a divorce, said to her mother, 'It's not my job to make you happy.' At dinner the four year old blurted out to his seven– year– old brother, 'I don't have to be like you, I am good the way I am.' Amazing!"

– Grandmother of three, Omaha, NE