About Us

Dr. Suzanne Simpson

Dr. Suzanne Simpson , creator of ESTEEM DREAMS ™ was born and raised in Iowa and has been a practicing psychologist in La Jolla, California for the past twenty years. Dr. Simpson is Director of Children's Studies at West Coast Pyschological Institute. The institute, with its many offices, provides services throughout Southern California. The development of Esteem Dreams grew out of Dr. Simpson's observations of her adult patients and their continued struggle with unresolved childhood wounds. As a consequence of their wounding, so many of her patients complained of an inability to form satisfying relationships or to feel in any way fulfilled.

Dr. Simpson believes that the introduction of ESTEEM DREAMS ™ to your child can greatly enhance his or her development of a healthy emotional foundation. Such a foundation can be the gift of a lifetime.

Eric Stein

Acclaimed musician, Eric Stein comes from a long line of classical musicians from the Ukraine. He is not only known for his musical talents, but also for his original compositions such as the magical piece he created for ESTEEM DREAMS ™.

Eric has been involved in the music and media industry for many years. His experience ranges from international tours with major recording artists to composing and producing music for major Los Angeles advertising agencies. Some of his current projects include www.EricSteinMedia.com, a website dedicated to providing music and video for online applications as well as more traditional mediums such as television and radio.

John (Poppi) Carra

ESTEEM DREAMS ™ is privileged to have had John Carra create the enchanting, friendly CD John Carra cover. Poppi comes from a long line of gifted Italian artists. His father is an award winning sculptor and his great Uncle Carlo has his paintings hanging in the Vatican. With a family like that, it is no surprise that at the age of five Poppi started creating amazing works of art. Poppi is the president and owner of Maximus Designs. His company is dedicated to making artistic dreams a reality.